• Premium Cpanel Hosting
  • 99.9 % uptime Guarantee
  • NVME SSD Disk
  • Lighting speed
  • World class Support
  • Managed AWS Cloud
  • Managed DigitalOcean Cloud
  • Managed Linode Cloud
  • Managed Cloud
  • World class Support
  • Optimized WordPress Hosting
  • Optimized Magento Hosting
  • High performance Configuration
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • World class Support
  • Superfast Deployments
  • Certified Technicians
  • Human Intervention
  • Free consultation
  • 7 Days Support
  • Superfast Migrations
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Human Intervention
  • Free Pre consultation
  • Free Post Support
  • Shared Hosting

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    cPanel Hosting
    SSD Disk
    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Managed Cloud

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    Managed AWS Cloud
    Managed Linode
    Managed DigitalOcean Cloud

    Optimized Hosting

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    Optimized WordPress Hosting 
    Optimized Magento Hosting
    Legendary Support 

    Why Choose Hostnats?


    Hosting your websites on Hostnats assure the speed and performance of your website to get the best impression for your customers.


    We look after each other in our family, making our support staff friendly and understandable to our customers to help them out in their needs 24/7/365.


    We urge a lot in our customer satisfaction, So if you have any uneasiness within our system we will be there to solve the same for you.

    Our services

    Shared Hosting

    Hostnats shared hosting is one of the best hosting providers with the best in class server hardware, cPanel, and legendary support.

    Managed AWS Cloud

    Hostnats AWS managed cloud service provides the authority of AWS hardware along with the easiness of Hostnats support.

    Deployment Services

    Deployments services come in handy when you need to install complex server applications on any server environment with ease.

    Managed Cloud VPS

    Manged cloud instances provide powerful cloud instances with legendary support at a very attractive pricing schema.

    DigitalOcean icon

    Managed DigitalOcean Cloud

    DigitalOcean managed cloud service provides the authority of DigitalOcean hardware along with the easiness of Hostnats support.

    Managed Linode Cloud

    Linode managed cloud service provides the authority of Linode hardware along with the easiness of Hostnats support.

    Optimized WordPress Hosting

    Optimized WordPress hosting makes WordPress website fly with a specialized stack customized for performance.

    Optimized Magento Hosting

    Optimized Magento hosting makes Magento load in seconds with a specialized stack customized for performance.

    Migration Services

    Migration services make moving in and out of hosting/server effortless with legendary support from Hostnats.

    Multiple Server Location

    Quality Uptime

    Quality Hardwares

    Quality Support

    Quality Response

    Customer satisfaction, always been our first priority

    Hosting with Hostnats is not just a one-term relationship, as it is a long-term assurance that we offer to our clients. If you are in the online business, then you need to have valuable clients and your website should run with speed and with no downtime. That is the assurance that we are providing with our fast and secure hosting infrastructure.

    First starting with us, our techs are passionate about maintaining 100% client satisfaction on the amount that our clients spend on hosting. We do provide proactive suggestions and consultations on situations where a customer would need an upgrade to the next level of resources to increase the performance and stability of their website. We have been providing server and cloud management services all around the world for the past 6 years and as a part of our responsibility and credibility, we have moved to host services. As to our reputation, we promise to treat you all like our family and to be honest in all our responsibilities.

    Happening writeups

    Managed WordPress hosting is faster than shared hosting, which is what you want if you want your site to load quickly. In this case, shared hosting is not the best option for you.

    Since most shared hosting providers offer unlimited storage space, your website can grow as big as it needs to be on shared hosting. When compared to WordPress hosting, shared hosting allows you to use a wide variety of content management systems (CMS). Hostnats presents you with Shared Hosting Plan and WordPress Hosting plans starting from $1. Know more about it here.

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. Because PayPal does not support automatic recurring billing, you should use a credit or debit card if you pay on a monthly basis.

    Determine what type of web hosting will best suit your needs as a website owner before you begin your comparison journey. Shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting are the four most common options available to you.

    Cheap shared hosting plans are a good place to start if you’re just getting started online and don’t yet have a large number of websites. A more powerful VPS hosting plan may be the better option if you want more control over your hosting account. And finally, if you’re serious about your online success and only want the best, you should start looking into dedicated hosting options.

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