Optimized Magento Hosting

Streamlining Magento for small- and medium-sized businesses.


Starting at


Up to 3 Website
Up to 75 Million hits/month
6-Core Processor
64 GB
2 x 512 GB
Nvme SSD
Unlimited Bandwidth


Starting at


Up to 6 Website
Up to 150 Million
128 GB
2 x 1.92 TB
Nvme SSD
Unlimited Bandwidth


As per demand

On-Demand Provider
On-Demand Disk
Calculated Load
Calculated Hits

All Plans Include

Premium Support

SSL Certificate

Magento Installation

Backup Configuration

Server Configuration

Free Migration

SSH, FTP Access

Database Access

Server Optimization

Server Hardening

Why Choose Hostnats for Optimized Magento Hosting?

It’s no wonder that so many businesses chose to work with us to host their Magento websites since we provide them with the reliability and flexibility they need. Working with startups and established businesses has given us insight into the challenges you may face as your company expands its reach. As a result, we know how to cope with them.

Businesses struggle to manage Magento’s infrastructure and security, according to a recent survey. Having said that, none of that matters anymore. Because Hostnats will guide you through every step of setting up the server, ensuring its safety, speed, and reliability, as well as doing weekly maintenance checks. At all times, you can count on us to be there for you. Magento’s sturdy platform and rigorous compliance with stringent security standards are guaranteed by us.

Custom Stack

Redis, Memcache, and Varnish are just a few of the current caching technologies that are used in our optimised Magento hosting package. As far as throughput and traffic go, the Stack has it covered.

Staging Access

Staging website with access can be put up in such a way that the website does not wish to be noted by search engines, but it remains available for active development and tuning. The plan merely simplifies the process

Certified Team

When it comes to server configuration, our Magento experts are here to help. When you host your Magento website with us, you can rest confident that it will be secure, speedy, and bug-free.

Human support

All of our help is provided by real people, so you may talk to us about your problem and we can quickly resolve it. The majority of issues are resolved within 30 minutes.

Dedicated Hardware

Every one of our plans is housed on hardware that is specifically assigned to a single customer, ensuring that they receive the most value for their money.

Legendary Support

We have one of the top support teams in the business, with a unique combination of expertise and experience in WordPress infrastructure platforms.