About Hostnats


Hostnats was established in 2018. Hostnats’ parent company, Skynats Technologies, is based in Kochi, Kerala, India. Affordable server deployment and transfer assistance is included with all of our shared and managed hosting, as well as cloud management services. There is no better support team on the market than the one we’ve put together for you. In addition to being a web hosting company, Hostnats assists customers in setting up their online businesses and applications to the highest possible standards. A member of our legendary support team is always on hand to help with any process in your environment and ensure that our members’ businesses flourish to their full potential when they join Hostnats as a new customer.


Learning, action, progress, and growth are core values of the Hostnats family. We’re constantly educating ourselves in order to keep up with the competition. We have a strong customer base across the countries. Customers stay with us longer because we care about providing them with excellent post-sale support. It is a goal of ours to work more closely with high-potential and enthusiastic technologists and be a part of their saga of success.

Our Set of Values


Our commitment to work and clients is unbreakable. We are approaching in such a way that we do not sell products. We are just providing a helping hand for solving problems. We are a group of efficient problem solvers.

Continuous learning

Our team of experts is in a state of continuous learning. The curiosity to "know more" make them better and better in their work.

Passion and Perseverance

All the professionals in our team are passionate about their craft, their perseverance made this concern successful.


We know how valuable our time is and so of yours’.


We are always concerned about your expectations of us as we certainly meet them.


We get the best results in team. Our team members help each other, which makes them reach the goal with ease.

Come and make us a part of your journey.........

Locate us at 
4th Floor, Crescens Tower,
NH-47, Kochi, India – 682033
US: +1-408-883-1354
IN: +91-484-4026269
Email: [email protected]