Rocket Chat Deployment Service

Rocket Chat is an open-source chat software, Rocket Chat deployment service will cover the complete installation of Rocket Chat on your server and make it live from your server. On Rocket Chat deployment service, our technicians will help you install Rocket Chat in the environment specified.

Rocket Chat Deployment Service

100% Money Back Guarantee
$ 60 /Installation

Platforms supported


Human Intervention

All of our installations are overseen and reviewed by a competent specialist before they are handed over to the client.

Our Experts thoroughly inspect the installation process before delivering the finished project to our customers, ensuring that there are no flaws.

Quick Installation

A maximum of six hours before the scheduled completion time mentioned in the order will be considered for completion of the installation.

In the same way that you do, we value our time.

Our ability to respond quickly is key.

Certified Technicians

All of the technicians who will be working on the installation are certified in either of the platforms, and they have received their certifications from leading institutions.

When quality meets expertise, we believe in the power of synergy.

Experienced Technicians

To complete all of our installations, we only hire professionals who have more than 5 years of experience in the field.

No amount of classroom instruction can replace on-the-job training.

Free Support

If you have any questions about the installation after it has been completed, please contact us and we will provide you with free support for the next seven business days.

We recognise and respect your right to raise questions about the respective processes, and we will do everything we can to answer them.

Free consultation

Prior to the installation, we provide free consultation on installation platforms and other technical aspects that may be relevant to the installation.

We would be delighted to share our extensive knowledge with you.

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