The Top 7 WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools to Increase Traffic

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In this article, we’ll go through the Top 7 WordPress SEO Plugins and Tools to Boost Traffic.

What’s all the fuss about SEO? Does it still exist at all? Is a WordPress SEO plugin really necessary?

Yes, SEO is still a thing, and you should probably learn more about it if you’re at all interested in increasing organic traffic to your website.

The first lesson to learn is that providing excellent content is the most important component of successful SEO. However, even if your content is excellent, how do you draw visitors to your website so they can read it? You must learn how to optimise your site for the best SEO unless you want to purchase advertisements. Fortunately, WordPress is a fantastic platform to start with for SEO. A search engine-friendly content structure is already included in the WordPress CMS.

Although WordPress is a great place to start, there is much more to know and do to have your content appear highly in Google and other search engines. To improve the ranking of your content, you should implement strategies like using keywords, meta descriptions, internal links, and general site optimization.

You’re not the only one who thinks SEO is difficult. The game is dynamic, so there are a lot of metrics to keep track of. You can get expert assistance from WordPress plugins and other SEO tools instead of attempting to optimise your site on your own. You can count on me to help you find some of the top WordPress SEO plugins and tools for your website.

Let’s begin

The Best WordPress SEO Plugins


One of the most widely used WordPress SEO plugins is Yoast, which was founded in 2010 by Joost de Valk. The Yoast plugin incorporates Joost’s expertise because he has been writing about WordPress and SEO since 2008.

Through site optimization and keyword research tools, Yoast specialises in boosting your SEO. To determine how well search engines index your site, Yoast will perform an analysis during the initial configuration. The plugin will optimise your site so search engines can find it and serve it in relevant searches after you fill out some information about your site and business (if you have one).

Yoast assists you in optimising your posts for your desired key phrases in addition to site-wide optimization. Additionally, it recognises synonyms and related key phrases. The Yoast menus will show up in the post editor’s sidebar and below the post, rating your post’s SEO effectiveness. Additionally, it offers tips on how to make your post better so that it ranks higher.

Rank Math 

With more than 1.3 million users since its founding in 2020, Rank Math has grown quickly to become a market leader in WordPress SEO plugins. They advertise themselves as the “Swiss Army knife of WordPress SEO tools,” and they do have all the tools you require to manage your SEO. Rank Math won’t slow down your site because it has a small plugin footprint (less than 12MB) and uses little memory.

In order to help you understand what needs to be improved for an SEO boost, Rank Math will audit the technical aspects of your site as well as the content. To avoid worrying about configuring it incorrectly, you can make use of its auto-configuration tool.

As you write your posts, Rank Math’s editor updates its rankings and analytics. You can see real-time updates to your SEO performance in the sidebar menu, which will help you optimise your content as soon as possible. Additionally, Rank Math lets you optimise up to five keywords per post, which will help you drive even more traffic.

Analytics like Keyword, Pillar Content, Internal & External Links, and Incoming Links can be seen on the list of pages or posts in the WordPress dashboard.

Rank Math also helps you:

  • Finding and fixing broken links.
  • Observe click-through rates.
  • View a sample of how your post will appear on social media.
  • Data migration from other SEO plugins with a single click.

With over 250K active installations and 15K PRO clients as of 2019, SEOPress. The SEOPress team actively participates in the WordPress community and heavily relies on partnerships and collaborations to create a robust and feature-rich plugin.

SEOPress is ideal for new users as it has a clear and simple interface. You can configure your website for the best SEO with the help of a wizard without having any technical knowledge. It is simple to use for new bloggers, but it is also capable of meeting the demands of big corporations, agencies, and developers.

Some of the tools will come in handy for developers. For instance, you can move data from other plugins and import redirects from a CSV file. You can use your own tracking scripts for services like Google Tag Manager if you prefer to be in charge of configuration. You can also control user roles to limit which users can alter your SEOPress settings.

Through their consulting partner, Goodness, SEOPress also provides a comprehensive SEO site audit.

Elementor, WooCommerce, WP Rocket, ACF, Google Analytics, Lifter LMS, and other third-party apps are among those that the SEOPress plugin integrates with.

All in One SEO

All in One SEO is essential for an assortment of plugins presented by the group at WPBeginner. Customized for beginners, All in One SEO advances itself as the easiest-to-use SEO plugin around.

AISEO is comparative in highlights and usefulness to RankMath and Yoast. It gives a savvy arrangement wizard to assist you with upgrading your site’s Website optimization in only a couple of moments. It likewise gives you a TruSEO Score to assist with improving explicit pages and posts.

AIOSEO likewise helps you see and change how your posts will look via online entertainment. It will assist you with further developing your nearby Website optimization, which is useful assuming that your business relies upon traffic in your particular area. AIOSEO gives a Link Assistant, which proposes adding inner and outer links to work on your rankings.

Your search engine rankings are greatly enhanced when your posts and pages are correctly indexed. AIOSEO will support the automatic creation of XML, RSS, and HTML sitemaps for your website and make sure that Google and Bing are informed of any updates.


You probably become a little fixated on your written content, like most content producers do. But have you ever given it some thought to how your images rank in search engines? WP Meta SEO will be happy to assist you in improving this frequently neglected area.

How well your website performs with search engines is also influenced by the meta data and information for your images. Tools for analysing and editing that data are provided by WP Meta SEO. Additionally, their editing tool enables you to make those changes in bulk because editing each image individually would be a laborious nightmare. You can modify: it in the editor.

  • File name
  • Title
  • Description
  • Alternate text
  • Legend

Keeping images displayed at their native size is another benefit of the WP Meta SEO plugin. Your website’s speed will benefit from this. Let’s say, for illustration purposes, that you reduced a large image’s size using the image size tool in the WordPress editor. Despite the fact that the display is smaller, the image will still load at its original size. The image display and load size are made compatible by WP Meta SEO.

Important SEO Tools


Ahrefs understands how challenging it is for independent content creators to compete with ads in search engine results, which is one of the things I love about them. Their resources are designed to assist users in making their content more accessible.

Ahrefs began as a backlink analysis tool, but they now provide a vast array of tools you can use wherever you publish content on the internet. Instead of providing a plugin for you to install on your website, Ahrefs offers a Project Dashboard where you can see an overview of all your web projects. After that, you can explore further using the tools they provide. We’ll go over a few of the important ones now.

They will begin by performing an Ahrefs Site Audit, during which they will crawl every page of your website to assess its general health and notify you of any more specialised SEO issues.

You can create a profile on any URL or website using Site Explorer. This is an effective research tool to show you how you compare to the competition.

Do you frequently look for new keyword suggestions for your posts? You can look for them using the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, and you can estimate how much traffic they could generate.

The most well-liked articles on the web for your topic can be found using their Content Explorer. The number of social media shares for each article is also available.

The Rank Tracker tool displays your position over time in comparison to rival websites’ rankings.

A website authority checker, an Amazon keyword tool, a YouTube keyword tool, and a tonne of other free tools are all provided by Ahrefs to assist you in getting your content seen.

Keyword Tool

It’s important to research the best keywords for your content before you begin writing. While you can make educated guesses about the best keywords, why not use a specialised keyword planning tool to confirm your findings? It certainly seems much smarter to me.

Another web-based tool that makes use of the internet’s power to find the top keywords for Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Instagram, and other search engines is the aptly named Keyword Tool.

Utilizing Keyword Tool is incredibly easy. Pick a content provider and enter your keyword on their home page. You’ll see a list of outcomes for your keyword that includes information on:

  • Total Search Volume
  • Average Trend
  • Average CPC
  • Average Competition

All of the above-mentioned information is available in the top five results. For in-depth information on more words on the list, you must subscribe to one of their plans.

Even with the free version, you still receive a tonne of useful information. More so than Google’s keyword planner tool, it is also much simpler to use. Currently, in order to use Google’s tool, you must be posting ads. You can see results right away with the help of Keyword Tool.

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