How To Do Webmin Free BSD Installation?

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We can install Webmin by using a package manager called pgk that Free BSD comes along with.

  1. First of all, we will update the Free BSD package index with the command below:

#pkg update

2. Then, install Webmin by running the command below:

#pkg install webmin

Enter yes, on the question which pops up when you do this activity.

3. Then, we will run the command below to configure webmin.

#/ usr / local / lib / webmin /

Set the following parameters as per the suggestion of our support admins.

  • Log file directory
  • Full pathb to Perl
  • Config file directory
  • webserver part (default:10000)
  • Login name (default : admin)
  • Login Password
  • SSL option ( Y/N )

How Do We Start Webmin Service on Free BSD ?

The webmin has been installed and configured on Free BSD, now the time is up to start webmin service on boot.

  1. Initially, run the command below to start the webmin service on system boot :

# sysrc webmin_enable = “YES”

webmin_enable : -< YES

This will add the final line to the /etc/rc.config file.

2. Then, run the command below to start webmin service.

#service webmin start

starting webmin.

Cron 15469220631494 missing my time spec.

3. The service will be conceived on port 1000 in the following manner:

#sockstat -4 -6 | grep 10000

root perl 1535 5 tcp4 *:10000 *:*

root perl 1535 6 udp4 *:10000 *:*

How do we access webmin interface on Free BSD ?

  1. Open the URL or IP address 10000

https:// 192 . 168 . 122 . 197 : 10000

2. If you see any invalid certificate pops up on the screen, click Continue Anyway.

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