Control Panel Migration

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Control panels like as Cpanel, Plesk, VestaCP, Webmin, DirectAdmin, and others are all well-known. Due to new features and changing requirements, we may need to switch the present setup to another Control Panel. To accomplish this, we must proceed with prudence.

The process of transferring data, software, or domains from one server to another, which can be control panels (or) any other server, is known as migration. We can do this here by migrating the Control Panel.

1) Cpanel Migration

There are a variety of options for migrating/migrating Cpanel servers. They are,

  • Transfer Tool

Cpanel accounts (domains) can be moved from one server to another using transfer tools. To utilise the Transfer tool, the destination server must have WHM/Cpanel installed.

The transfer tool can be found in WHM’s transfer tool section. You can then transfer a single (or more) Cpanel accounts from another server to this one. (You must have root/SSH User access information, such as a password (or) key to the destination server’s SSH Port.)

  • Manual Migration

a) Using Backup and Restore Script

We can move a Cpanel account (domain) by utilising a script called “/ Scripts/Pkgacct” to take a backup of it. We can take a complete backup of the (home/user) folder with this command.

We may restore this domain backup to a Cpanel server using the ” /scripts/restorepkg” – script.

Then we must construct a new database on the destination server and restore the source server’s database backup.

b) Using Cpanel Backup Option

For taking a backup of your Cpanel domain, use the full/partial backup option in Cpanel. We can then send the backup to a remote destination server (either Cpanel or non-control panel). You can restore the files and database backups from there.

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2) Plesk Migration

a) Using Plesk Migrator Tool

Plesk migratory can be used to migrate domains from one Plesk Server to another, as well as Cpanel, Confixx, Pro Control Panel, DirectAdmin, and other control panels.

Before we can use Plesk Migrator to migrate to Plesk Server, we must first prepare the destination server based on the source server’s needs.

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3) VestaCP Migration

The VestaCP backup option, found in the VestaCP Control Panel Section, can be used to create a backup.

We can restore the backup using the “v-restore-user username backupfile.tar” command after it has been transferred to the destination server.

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4) Webmin Migration

Using the Virtualmin Dashboard, we may move cPanel server domains to Webmin/Virtualmin. If you have a full backup of your cPanel account, go to “add servers” and select “migrate virtual servers.” You can select the source full backup file (cPanel) from there and do the migration from there.

You can migrate one Virtualmin server to another using the “Virtualmin backup-domain” command (or) the Virtualmin dashboard, and then restore the source domains using the “Virtualmin restore-domain” command after transferring to the destination server.

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