What is Mahara?

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Mahara is an open-source Electronic Portfolio Management System that is based on the web. It is written in PHP language. “Mahara” is a word in the Maori language that means to “think about or consider.”

Mahara’s initial release was in the year 2008. It was initially developed by a New Zealand open-source software company called Catalyst IT Limited. Mahara had high demand, even the New Zealand Ministry of Education was one of their major clients.

Mahara was designed to be an open-source electronic portfolio platform to enhance the student learning and personal learning environment goals of educational institutions.

Mahara gives provision to the students that they can select their task and prepare an online portfolio, as they can exhibit for the university purpose or they can showcase to the future employees.

Uses of Mahara

  • You will be able to identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, and the areas you need to be improved.
  • Enhances the quality of your learning.
  • You will be able to stretch your academic network as well as the Professional network.
  • You will be able to improve your communication skills, interpersonal skills, and you will be able to receive feedback about your performance, or another hand you can also give feedback and analyze the problematic areas.

Mahara comes with a file repository that lets

  • You will be able to create folder and sub folder structures.
  • You have the provision to upload multiple files quickly and efficiently.
  • You can rather give each file a name and description.
  • You will be able to manage your file allocation quota.

Drawbacks of Mahara

  • HTML plugin is bit hard for the beginners.
  • Forum setup is pretty hard for the users.

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