Nginx with PHP FPM for High Traffic Site

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Before exploring the details of Nginx with PHP FPM, let me clear to you what Nginx is all about.

Nginx is a renowned open-source web server. It is developed by Igor Sysoev. Nginx is very popular for its High Performance and its load balancer.

Then coming back to the topic that is Nginx with PHP FPM for High Traffic Site, it is indeed the best option for high-performance websites. PHP FPM handles high loads and acts as a substitute for fast CGI. PHP FPM occupies around 10 MB RAM and that helps to handle a large number of requests. PHP FRM is an enhanced version in terms of speed.

Let me list out all the benefits you can acquire by setting up Nginx PHP FPM.

  • Easy to develop and manage
  • Highly reliable and the performance will be high
  • Development and maintenance cost will be less
  • Flexible to manage data
  • Programming become easy and advanced (object-oriented)

Benefits of Nginx Against Apache

  • Nginx has its micro catching technique which increases web performance
  • Nginx resides between clients and the application as it acts like cache. It reduces response time if you look from the perspective of client
  • It performs way better than Apache while high traffic and when serving static files
  • Nginx is having the feature that it supports reverse proxy. The number of calls to the application can be done enabling load balancing
  • Nginx offers more session persistance (sophisticated)

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