How To Do SSL Certificate IIS 8 Installation?

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  1. Initially, we have to launch IIS Manager by navigating to Start, Control Panel, System, and Security.

Then find the Administrative Tools menu and click on the Internet Information Manager option (IIS).

2. Later, get into the Connection menu on your left-hand side of the screen. and select the server name or hostname where the SSL Certificate got to be installed.

3. Then, navigate to the Center menu, select the Server Certificates icon followed by the Security Section.

4. Afterward, find the Actions menu on your right-hand side of the screen and click on Complete Certificate Request.

5. Later click “..” and select the server certificate that was saved on the server’s desktop earlier.

6. Then, enter a Friendly Name for easy identification to specify the file.

7. Afterward, choose Personal as the certificate store on the “Select a Certificate store for the new certificate” drop-down option.

8. At the end of the process, click OK.

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How do we Bind the SSL Certificate to the website in IIS 8?

  1. First of all, find the Connection Menu and select the name of your server.
  2. Then, expand the Sites folder and the site should be chosen (to be secure).
  3. Then, click Bindings in the Actions menu.
  4. Go to Site Bindings and Select Add to create a new binding for a new certificate. If you are renewing as expiring certificate click Edit after choosing existing binding.
  5. Then, select Add Site Binding and enter the information below.
  • Type : https
  • IP address : All Assigned
  • Port :443
  • SSL Certificates ; Enter Friendly name
  • Click OK

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