WordPress in 2022: 11 Reasons To Use

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is simply one of the many free website builders and content management systems (CMS) that are available to users.
It has unique features that have allowed it to become the most widely used Content Management System today.

WordPress is used to power approximately one-third of the world’s largest websites. From personal blogs to corporate websites such as Sony, Time Inc., the New York Post, and NBC. Despite its popularity, it has received criticism for a variety of reasons, and some question whether it is even worth using in 2022.

To address such criticism, let us look at the reasons to use WordPress in 2022 and what WordPress has to offer.

  1. Flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs

Although WordPress was designed to make blogging and other forms of online publishing easier, it now supports a diverse range of sites for a variety of reasons. WordPress is used to run small businesses, manage complex websites for large multinational corporations, and create personal blogs.

WordPress websites can accommodate full-service eCommerce storefronts, portfolios, social networks, groups, and podcasts.
Whatever your company’s requirements are, the core WordPress package and a variety of primary and premium plugins are suitable for your website.

WordPress is also infinitely adaptable to a company’s changing needs due to its numerous themes and easy access to its source files.
The list is endless; however, here are a few examples of the types of websites you can build with WordPress:

  • Blogs
  • Commercial websites
  • Forums for Portfolios
  • Websites for e-commerce
  • Websites that offer ratings
  • Members’ websites
  • Online learning modules
  • Chatrooms
  • Galleries
  • Personal websites for self-promotion
  • Websites for job postings
  • Commercial directories
  • Donation-collection websites run by non-profit organizations
  • Wikis and knowledge bases
  • YouTube and other media-oriented sites
  • Auction and coupon websites

The list goes on and on.

The good news about WordPress is that simple plugins and themes can provide functionality for things like forums and eCommerce websites.

2. WordPress Is Easy to Use

WordPress, despite being the most versatile and powerful platform, is simple to learn and use. WordPress makes it relatively easy to create a website. WordPress enables anyone with basic computer skills to create a website. Along with its user-friendly interface, the dashboard is also simple to use.

It has a simple dashboard with numerous menu options displayed in the sidebar. You can quickly create articles and pages, change the appearance of your website, add navigation menus, and more.
WordPress makes it easy for complete beginners to manage their websites without any technical knowledge.

To begin with, there are updates. WordPress releases core WordPress updates on a regular basis, which you can install by clicking a button. The same holds true for WordPress plugins and themes that publish updates. There are some excellent WordPress backup plugins available (many are free). They allow you to schedule automatic backups and save them to a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Over the last ten years, thousands of beginners have quickly advanced to intermediate and skilled users.
Many of them are now employed creating WordPress websites for others.

3. WordPress Is Search Engine Friendly

All websites require WordPress SEO. One of the primary reasons to use WordPress is that it is SEO-friendly. It is simple to connect to advanced SEO plugins. As a result, the potential for blogging is enormous. If you understand the fundamentals of SEO, you can generate marketing opportunities by writing blog posts.

WordPress websites tend to rank higher in Google search results than other types of websites. WordPress is favored by Google due to the way it operates technically.

It generates meaningful content behind the scenes by using conforming, high-quality code. (In layman’s terms, WordPress gives Google what it wants in terms of SEO!)

The great thing about WordPress is that it is SEO-friendly from the start.
Furthermore, by improving your content marketing game, you can use WordPress SEO plugins to truly outperform the competition.

4. WordPress Can Be Modified

The vast majority of WordPress users do not work as web designers or programmers. In reality, most WordPress users begin with no prior knowledge of website design. Although there are hundreds of free website templates, WordPress is an excellent choice for non-tech savvy individuals (themes).

Almost any type of website can benefit from a WordPress theme (whether it is a blog, a company website, or an online store).
WordPress themes are easy to customize because many of them include an options panel that allows you to change colors, upload your logo, change the background, create beautiful sliders, and ultimately customize it to your needs without writing any code.

As an example:

Astra is a popular theme because it allows even inexperienced web designers to create a professional-looking website. It includes over 90 pre-made themes that can be easily customized for any website. It may also employ plugins to enhance the functionality of your WordPress site.
WordPress plugins work similarly to website applications, allowing you to add features such as analytics, contact forms, membership areas, and more.

Thousands of free and premium plugins, as well as themes, are available to you.

You can further customize your design by using a drag-and-drop builder to create visually appealing landing pages, sales pages, product landing pages, and so on. A plugin can also be used to add unique functionality to your WordPress site. WordPress plugins work similarly to website applications, allowing you to add features such as analytics, contact forms, membership areas, and more.

Thousands of free and paid plugins, as well as themes, are available for use. Some WordPress plugins can transform your website into an entirely new platform with enhanced capabilities.

It may be difficult to choose from hundreds of plugins, but there are a few essential WordPress plugins that should be on every website’s recommendation list:

  • A plugin that allows your visitors to contact you via a contact form.
  • An analytics plugin that allows you to keep track of how many people visit your website.
  • A search engine optimization plugin designed to boost Google traffic.

Then, depending on the type of website you’re creating, you’ll need to choose additional plugins. You can always use Google to find a specific plugin.

5. Countless Design Options

Another reason to consider using WordPress for your small business website is the wide range of WordPress themes available. A WordPress theme may allow you to customize the look of your website. One of the most enjoyable aspects of creating a website is selecting and customizing articles.

It’s fantastic because you can incorporate your brand and personality into the design, making it completely unique to you.
Indeed, many WordPress themes make it simple for even non-technical users to customize the look of their websites.

You may also come across themes that will help you run your business.
A good restaurant theme, for example, will already have a page for your menu.

We conducted some research on WordPress themes.
Here are a few of the articles we’ve written highlighting the most important WordPress themes:

  • Best Free WordPress Themes
  • The Most Rapid WordPress Themes
  • Small Business WordPress Themes
  • The Best WordPress Minimalist Themes
  • Best WordPress Real Estate Themes
  • WordPress Freelance Writer Themes

You might be a more experienced web designer who doesn’t need a website theme that’s as easy to change as the ones discussed in the previous sections.

In this case, you can search the internet for a variety of exciting and unique themes.

6. Creating a Job Portal with WordPress

To convert your WordPress site into a job board, you’ll need a plugin.
WP Job Manager allows you to create, manage, and organize job listings on your website. It now has over 100,000 active installations and a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Registered users (or visitors) have the ability to search for, manage, and apply for jobs. Job postings can also be managed by employers (filling, editing, and deleting active ads).

7. WordPress Organizes Exciting Physical and Online Events

Every year, WordPress hosts a number of WordCamps and meetings around the world. These meetings allow you to network with other WordPress enthusiasts while also learning new skills. While you may not be able to take advantage of these exciting events right away, they will be useful as you become more acquainted with WordPress.

While most events are normally held in person, current global circumstances have gradually shifted gatherings to the internet arena.
Because of this shift, event organizers have been forced to adapt and book more virtual events.

8. Utilize Google Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics with WordPress is popular.
Google Analytics includes tools to help you better understand your customers and website visitors.

For WordPress users, the MonsterInsights plugin quickly converts complex analytic data into simple reports that can be accessed directly from your WordPress dashboard.

You could, for example, do the following:

  • Examine the Sources of Visitors and Track eCommerce Forms to See How Many People Are Visiting Your Site
  • Also, see Common Search Terms and a lot more.

MonsterInsights is one of the most incredible WordPress plugins available because of its ability to provide business owners with statistics on website visitors.

9. WordPress Is Secure and Safe

Then there’s the issue of security. You can improve the security of your website by implementing some basic WordPress best security practices. As a newcomer, you may find it intimidating at first. However, as the most comprehensive WordPress tutorial site for beginners, we are confident that you will be up and running in no time. Keep safety in mind. WordPress was developed, and it is a very safe and secure platform for hosting a website.

You can, however, do a lot to protect your website from hackers, viruses, and other threats.

10. WordPress Isn’t Going anywhere

Website designers come and go.
You never know with these things.

Contrarily, open-source software has a significantly higher chance of lasting a long time.

Since it is open-source software, no single person or company is responsible for its upkeep. Anybody may edit the code and create a new version of WordPress in less than five minutes.
WordPress does not have a chief executive officer (CEO), which is an interesting feature of the platform. The word WordPress is protected by the WordPress Foundation, a non-profit organization that ensures WordPress’s growth.

WordPress is supported by tens of thousands of users, developers, and start-ups. There are a lot of people working together to ensure that WordPress is here to stay.

WordPress is used by millions of individuals throughout the world and has a positive impact on their lives. Hundreds of multilingual websites rely on its availability in over 53 languages.

As a newcomer to WordPress, you’ll be welcomed into this global community of users, all of whom are eager to help you out.

11. Community support is indeed a major source of support

WP has a large and helpful community of users.
There is a large community of WordPress users that can help you out if you ever run into an issue with the platform or any of its popular themes or plugins.

WP is well-liked by newbies because of its large and welcoming community.


Hundreds of millions of people throughout the world use WordPress.
Some developers prefer to work on platforms other than the one they’ve chosen. However, because of the difficulties of learning certain coding languages and working in less user-friendly environments, this is widely employed. It’s a great option for bloggers, small business owners, developers with clients, and e-commerce specialists.

For example, you get access to a wide range of free tools and plugins, as well as full media support for your site. WordPress is flexible and responsive, for example. It has to be optimized for search engines, it’s very user-friendly.

WordPress provides a wide range of design options, so you may tailor it to suit your needs. WordPress may also be used to build a job board. WordPress is here to stay, and it’s safe to use, too.

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