cPanel Installation And Requirements

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cPanel is one of the web hosting control panel software and which is developed by cPanel, LLC.

cPanel is not free of cost, but there are trial licenses available for cPanel new users.

System Requirements for cPanel

For AlmaLinux OS (Networking Requirements)

  • You need to obtain cPanel license which is available from cPanel store (cPanel 15 day license also available there).
  • Due to the networking requirements for cPanel, you should have atleast one ipv4 address. This is so because, you cannot run an ipv6 only WHM and cPanel server.
  • cPanel DNSonly setup requires a DNS only license which is automatically obtains during installation.
  • A registered fully qualified hostname (or) domain name.
  • A valid IP address.
  • Ethernet device : A correctly-configured Ethernet device with a static IP and fully qualified hostname.
  • Firewalls : The necessary required ports for cPanel must be opened in the Firewall. So it is better to disable the OS firewall during the cPanel installation and after that you can enable it.
  • AlmaLinux OS8, cPanel and WHM installer will automatically disable the network manager service in the server enable network service.

Hardware requirements

  • OS : AlmaLinux OS 8
  • Processor : 1.1 GHZ
  • RAM : Minimum – 1 GB

Recommended: 2 GB

  • Disk Space : Minimum – 20 GB

Recommended – 40GB

  • Architecture : 64 bit
  • In order to install cPanel on AlmaLinux OS, you need to disable the SELinux first.
  • You must install “Perl” in the server.
  • XFS (or) ext4 Filesystem is reccomended for cPanel installation.

For Centos

Supported Versions

Centos 7

Centos 8


Networking Requirements

  • A valid hostname (registered fully qualified domain name)
  • IP address

A valid IP address

  • Properly configured Ethernal device with a static IP.
  • It will be able to disabale the firewall during the cPanel installation inorder to avaoid blocking cPanel required parts during the installation.

After that, you can use third-party firewall clients like AFF (or) CSF (or) Comodo WAF, etc.

Hardware requirements

1)OS: Centos 8, Centos 7

2)Processor: 1.1 GHz

3)RAM: Minimum – 1 GB

Recommended : 2 GB

4)Disk Space: Minimum – 20 GB

Recommended: 40 GB

5)Architecture: 64 bit

For Ubuntu

System Requirements

  • You can install cPanel and WHM version 98 in Ubuntu 20.04 TLS.
  • But cPanel and WHM version 100 for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is under experiment. It is not reccomended for production environments.

Hardware Requirements

1)OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

2)Processor: Minimum -1.1 GHz

Recommended – 2 GHz

3)RAM: Minumum – 1 GB

Recommended – 40 GB

4)Diskspace: Minimum – 20 GB

Recommended – 40 GB

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