Pros and Cons Of Nextcloud Open-Source Software

Are you happy with your current hosting provider ?

It is possible to create and use file hosting services with Nextcloud, which is a set of client-server applications.
It has a wide range of support options, making it suitable for large-scale use in the workplace.
Because it is free and open-source software, anyone can set it up and run it on their own private server.

In the context of its integrated office suite solutions, Collabora Online or OnlyOffice, Nextcloud functions similarly to Dropbox, Office 365 or Google Drive.
Cloud or on-premises hosting options are both available.
From small home offices using the low-cost Raspberry Pi to large data centres supporting millions of users, it’s adaptable to any size environment.

Frank Karlitschek, one of the original ownCloud developers, created Nextcloud, a fork of ownCloud that he and other original ownCloud team members are still actively working on.

Advantages of Self-Hosting Nextcloud

Nextcloud has never been more stable and user-friendly than it is today.
But do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, as well as the time and effort required to set up and maintain Nextcloud?

You don’t have to look any further; here are the pros and cons of using Nextcloud:


  1. Fully secure, with the option to encrypt all documents that you upload.
  2. Rapidity and portability
  3. Increasing the storage on Nextcloud rather than Google Drive is most likely the more cost-effective option.
  4. Plugins and more allow for a wide range of customizations.
  5. Open-source
  6. Create storage quotas and add additional users to potentially rent out your cloud…
  7. To upload files and images, the Nextcloud app is available for both iOS and Android devices…

I’ve heard great things about Nextcloud, but where do I even begin?

Keep reading before you make any snap decisions.


How could there be any drawbacks to self-hosting with such a long list of advantages?
That said, no piece of software can ever be described as “perfect or error-free.”

Is there any downside to hosting Nextcloud on your own?
Start reading the following paragraphs to find out!

  1. If there are any issues, you’ll have to fix them yourself!
  2. Keeping the cloud secure and up to date falls to you!
  3. You are solely responsible in the event of a filesystem failure…
  4. A production environment necessitates some form of redundancy!

One of the main drawbacks is if a mistake is made.
You recently updated to NextCloud v.16 (Doesn’t exist yet), and your self-hosted cloud has been completely bricked.

As a member of the support team, you’ll be responsible for scanning error logs and contacting the community for assistance.

I’m confident in my abilities.
That’s not going to be a good time.

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