What Is Let’s Encrypt?

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Let’s Encrypt is a certification body that provides free SSL certificates. Let’s Encrypt is run by an NGO name Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). It is launched in the year 2016 and is headquartered in San Francisco. It provides X.509 certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption free of charge. It has become the largest Certificate authority in the world. More than 265 million websites are using this platform. The goal of using HTTPS and website security is their primary motive. This NGO has a long list of popular angel investors around the planet. Some of them are Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Internet Society, AWS, NGINX, Mozilla Foundation, Google Chrome, Facebook, Internet Society, Cisco Systems, OVH, EFF, etc.

Let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of Let’s Encrypt,

Advantages of Let’s Encrypt

  • It is absolutely for free.
  • Encryption is on same level as paid SSL certificates.
  • Server implemetation is easier.
  • Single domain, multi-domain options are there. You can choose any of the options.
  • The value of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates are as the same level of paid SSL certificates.

Disadvantes of Let’s Encrypt

  • They don’t extend the domain validity.
  • They don’t have trust on the websites.
  • OVS and EVS aren’t going to be available anytime soon as they don’t have any plan on making it available.
  • Let’s Encrypt supply wild card SSL certificates from the year 2017.
  • If you have multiple subdomains, you require separate SSL Certificates.
  • If you are a beginner, you may find workaround a little challenging.
  • You may find comaptibility issues with some platforms.
  • Customer support is not upto the mark.
  • There are rate limits.


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