MySQL vs MariaDB

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MySQL is an Open-Source Database Management System and Michael Widenius was the Co-Founder and its initial release was in the year 1995. Later, MySQL was acquired by Oracle Corporation. MySQL stands for the co-founder Michael Widenius’s daughter’s name and SQL stands for Structural Query Language. SQL is a language that programmers use for creating and managing data from the database. Since MySQL is an Open-Source Software, it’s free for the users. MySQL is renowned for its capability to handle a large volume of data. Since MySQL was acquired by Oracle Corporation, some issues were taken place with the usage of the database, therefore, MariaDB was developed.


MariaDB was developed by a community named MariaDB Foundation in the year 2009. It is an Open-Source software intended for free. MariaDB is a compatible drop-in replacement for MySQL database technology. Since MariaDB was made intending for better performance than MySQL, MariaDB has a high number of extra new features and that made user orientation and performance better than MySQL.

Difference Between MariaDB and MySQL

  • MariaDB is faster than MySQL.
  • MySQL uses specific proprietary code when it comes to Enterprise Edition whreas MariaDB is Open-Source.
  • MariaDB is not supporting Dynamic Column and Data Masking whilst MySQL supports both.
  • Replication is faster in MariaDB whereas it is slower in MySQL.
  • Apparently, MariaDB is having 12 storage engine while MySQL has less storage engines.
  • Connection pool of MariaDB is massive, it is supporting upto 200,000+ connections while connection pool of MySQL is smaller.

MariaDB has not yet outplayed MySQL by its upper hand. Though, a lot of the leading Corporate Companies are still preferring MySQL due to its simplicity.

If you aren’t a database software expert, there is a risk in installing or transferring both programmes without the help of a professional. Don’t put your valuable data at risk!

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