Top 5 Reasons for Having More Than One Domain

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Choosing your major top-level domain (TLD) is an important initial step if you own a company since it may be the difference between failure and success.

However, I bet you can’t stop at just one, exactly as with Lay’s potato chips.

Increase the exposure of your business by purchasing many domains for your firm. This will also safeguard your brand from hungry rivals.

Just one webpage is plenty to get you started! Even if it means spending more money upfront, buying more than one domain for your primary website is a smart investment.

How does having many domains may benefit your company?

The domains don’t stop when you pop.

1. People Can’t Spell

It’s a fact of life. Humans are prone to errors, particularly when it comes to writing and entering URLs. Since this is the case, it’s a good idea to get various variants of your principal domain name.

For example, Google purchased the domain names and since these are typical typos in the address bar of a web browser.

Allowing for the human mistake by taking up more domains allows you to grab spelling-challenged people instead of losing them to the internet abyss or worse, a competitor’s website.

We have statistics to assist you to decide whether or not you should buy certain misspelling variants of your current domain name.

Log in to your Google account and then choose your website’s property in the Google Search Console. Search Analytics may be seen by clicking on the Search Traffic drop-down menu on the left. As you can see below, you can see the search phrases visitors have used to locate your site, making it easier to track down any misspellings in those terms. A good idea is to acquire the domain name for an often misspelled word that is related to your core domain and redirect it to your primary landing page.

2. You Need to Protect Your Brand

Multiple domains for your company site may help protect and enhance your brand in many ways.

Put an end to the imitations!
Keep your users from being confused by a rival taking up a similar domain name. You don’t want a slew of company copycats diverting customers away from your site.

How to Rebrand Like a Pro
One way to ensure that clients are directed to the correct site is to have domains for both the old and new names of your organization. To update your brand name, the same rules apply. Once the new website is complete, buy a new domain and redirect the old one to the new one.

Consider Consumers

For example, rather than could be a better choice for a domain name if your firm specializes in cupcakes, rather than just

Remember that your brand may not always be referred to by its official name. In the actual world, here’s an example. is the official website of the Coca-Cola corporation. However, the soda behemoth is frequently referred to as “Coke” by many people all over the globe. redirects to the correct site if you put it into the URL field of your browser.

Using domain names that are easy for customers to remember and search engine-friendly makes it simpler for people to locate you (more on that in a sec).

Make Use of New TLDs

Another option is to join the new top-level domain (TLD) bandwagon. It’s possible that new generic top-level domains (ngTLDs) might give your firm a new avenue of growth.

Think of as your online storefront for unique art prints. In addition to snagging, could be a good idea as well (depending on your business). However, acquiring a second ngTLD, such as, might provide you access to a targeted audience of internet users who are expressly seeking items in your industry. It’s also possible to buy and connect it straight to the e-commerce section of your website in order to increase your traffic.

Investing in these domains may help your company stand out in search results and emphasize what sets you apart from your competitors.

3. You Want to Boost Search Engine Optimization

It’s been suggested that owning many domains for a company may help with search engine rankings. 301 redirects should be used when purchasing numerous domain names for your company to ensure that all of them go to the same principal landing page.

Search engines are more likely to crawl your site if you include the use of 301 redirects from several acquired domains to a single destination when building a robots.txt and XML sitemap, according to As long as you choose an easy-to-implement domain registrar or a website builder (like our WordPress website builder), Google will not penalize your site for duplicating content.

In most cases, redirecting domains is a straightforward process. You may either look for a domain redirect option in your site builder’s interface or get in touch with customer service.

4. You Want to Set Up Promotions and Special Offers

Multiple domains may be a terrific strategy to spread the word about your company and increase traffic to your website. Create a particular landing page for the promotion by registering an event-related domain name.

Let’s go back to the potato chips we discussed previously. is the domain name of a firm that provides crispy, delectable potato chips. A new wasabi-flavored chip has just been released, and you want to get the word out there about it.

You’d start by creating a new landing page with enticing images, intriguing information, and a link to buy online to persuade readers that this is, in fact, a smart idea. Instead of using, you might register the domain Why? As a result of the new domain’s ease of rememberability and ease of promotion.

With several promotional TLDs redirecting and correctly reflected in the sitemap, search engines will crawl these domains, and your page rankings might rise as a consequence.

When a promotion for a product or service ends, you should deactivate the domain you purchased, conceal the landing page, and update the sitemap to avoid spamming search engine results with out-of-date content.

5. You Want to Expand Into New Markets

Consider expanding your business’s geographic reach as soon as possible by registering different domains for it.

In reality, purchasing nation-specific top-level domains (TLDs) is a requirement if you run an internet company serving customers outside of your own country.

You’ll need additional country names that point to your site if you want to perform well in worldwide SEO. Having and as well as your principal domain will provide you a major edge if you own an online pottery business in New York City that sells to customers in Europe and Canada.

You must acquire numerous country-code domains as soon as international expansion becomes a viable option for your firm.

Is This Strategy Right For Your Business?

Even though having numerous domains for your company is useful in many circumstances (we’ve just given you five strong reasons), remember that not all companies need multiple domain names.

The last thing you want to do is confuse your consumers if you run a single brick-and-mortar business by having many domains registered in your name. Choosing a basic and precise domain name for organizations with just one location is the best strategy.

It is possible to acquire a domain name for a business named Bobby’s Books, which is located in Austin, Texas. Having,, and all lead to is generally not essential, as is purchasing extra domains.

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