What is Webmin, and why should I use it?

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Webmin is a Linux/Unix system administration tool that can be accessed via a web browser.
Additionally, Webmin can be used to control multiple machines from a single interface or to seamlessly log in to other Webmin hosts on the same network.
To connect to your server, you can use any current web browser.
Without having to edit Linux/Unix configuration files by hand, Webmin lets you administer a server from a console or remotely.
Users, services or configuration files, disc quotas, and open source applications such as Tomcat or Tomcat2, PHP, MySql, DNS, and file-sharing can all be customized with Webmin’s administrative tools.
Perl-based Webmin is a standalone web server and process.

Many people have contributed patches and translations into other languages, but most of the work was done by Jamie Cameron.
For commercial and non-commercial use, Webmin can be freely distributed and modified under a BSD-like license.
Modules are supported by Webmin (you can see a list of third-party modules here.)
Webmin modules can be developed and distributed by anyone for any purpose and under any license, they choose (such as GPL, commercial, or shareware).

Related Software

Webmin can be expanded by installing modules, which can be developed by Webmin’s developer community.
Webmin’s functionality is bolstered by two other major projects:

A subset of Webmin’s features, like webmail and other user-level tasks, are presented and controlled by Usermin.

Virtualmin is a web hosting management interface.
Virtualmin comes pre-installed with the ability to host websites on domains.
The server administrator and the end-user can manage their websites with ease thanks to Virtualmin’s user-friendly interface.


You can connect to your server by using a web browser.
For a secure login, you would typically configure your server to use SSL.
Even more security is possible by changing the TCP port to a different one.
This error message is typical for new users who access a server for the first time, as the certificate for https is self-signed.
If you want a more secure login in the future, you might want to invest in an SSL certificate.
After accepting the certificate, you’ll be taken to the login page.

It’s possible to control various aspects of your server by clicking the menu on the left of the dashboard after you’ve logged in.

Common Modules

Webmin’s interface to configuration files and the Webmin server is built around modules, making it simple to add new features.
Because of Webmin’s modular design, anyone interested in writing desktop configuration plugins can do so.
A Linux/Unix system can be managed in a variety of ways through the use of modules.
A few examples:

  • System and software packages are accessible via Webmin’s system menu item.
    You can use this page to look up information about a specific software package, install or remove it, or even update it.
  • Select Webmin Users from the menu to add or remove users.
  • The File Manager can be accessed by clicking on the Other option and then File Manager.
  • Choose Other, then Command Shell to get started with the command line.
  • In order to customise Webmin, select Webmin and then Webmin Configuration. ‘
  • During system startup and shutdown, you have complete control over which daemons start and stop, as well as access to all run levels and the ability to start and stop custom applications.
  • You can add websites to the Apache web server by going to servers, Apache Webserver after it has been installed.


Webmin is one of the best tools for managing Linux/Unix servers, even though this article only touches on a few of its capabilities.
It has features that are useful to both novice and advanced users.
Custom server configurations can be maintained without fear of them being overwritten by an update.
Getting help with Webmin can be as simple as contacting your dependable web hosting provider.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions.

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