What is Odoo And Its Advantages?

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Odoo is one of the popular suite of Business Management Software tools including eCommerce, CRM, Accounting, Billing, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, and Project Management, It’s initial release was in the year 2005. It is developed by a Belgium based community called Odoo S.A and its original author is Fabien Pinckaers. Odoo is written in Python, Javascript, XML. The community has released the software as an Open – Source.

Odoo has an effective architecture that allows a huge community of organizations and freelancers to modules or Odoo Apps and presents to the marketplace for sale or for a free download. The main components of Odoo are the framework of about 30 official modules and thousands of community modules.

Let’s check out what are the other benefits of Odoo.

8 Advantages of Odoo

  1. It is an Open-Source : Odoo is an Open – Source Community. The source code will be available for everyone. Odoo’s open source model aloows organizations to access the ERP system’s code and enables customization by themselves. Odoo enhances customizable concept and businesses of all size can take an advantage of it.
  2. Odoo is very User-friendly : Odoo is very simple to learn it’s concept and work on it. User experience at it’s best.
  3. Odoo keeps on updating itself : Odoo keeps on upgrading and updating their technological level as this platform keeps on bettering itself along with the technologies that are updated.
  4. It is a highly secured platform : Odoo makes sure that Security, Accuracy and Consistency of data. Odoo secures all the pieces of information that are confidential.
  5. Odoo is highly Flexible : Since Odoo has plenty of modules, a user can install modules as per the business requirements are concerned.
  6. Odoo is available with zero licensing costs : We all know how expensive is to set up an ERP. Interstingly, Odoo’s Base ERP is available with no licesning cost. Therefore, user can take the control of budget for customization and implementation as per the requirements.
  7. Odoo is easy to integrate : It is simple to configure the Odoo integration to boost efficiency because it may be readily integrated with other ERPs.
  8. Odoo is having a Protractible Architecture: As we have discuseed earlier in the summary, Odoo is having an extensible architecture. Without major code rewriting or basic architecture changes Odoo aloows drastic extension of its capabilities.

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