How To Install Odoo 15 On Ubuntu?

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Odoo’s version 14 was finally made available after a long wait.
Odoo 14 was released last year and is now being prepped for release as Odoo 15.
You’ll get a sneak peek at some of the new features in Odoo 15 when you read our guide.
Simply follow the steps outlined below to install Odoo 15 on Ubuntu 20.04.

Install odoo 15

STEP 1 : Update the apt source list.

sudo apt-get update

STEP 2 : Create a new Odoo user and a group for that user. 

sudo adduser -system -home=/opt/odoo -group odoo

STEP 3 : PostgreSQL database server should be installed and installed on the same host where odoo is running. 

sudo apt-get install -y postgresql

The following commands can be used to start the postgresql database server after the installation is completed. 

sudo service postgresql start

Create an odoo user in the database. 

sudo su - postgres

createuser --createdb --username postgres --no-createrole --no-superuser --pwprompt odoo

Give the newly created role a password and then double-check it by providing another password. 


Afterwards, restart the postgresql server.

sudo service postgresql restart 

STEP 4 : On the server, install python and its dependencies. 

sudo apt-get install -y python3-pip

On the server, install python and its dependencies. 

Install the required dependencies after logging in as the odoo user. 

pip3 install Babel decorator docutils ebaysdk feedparser gevent greenlet html2text Jinja2 lxml Mako MarkupSafe mock num2words ofxparse passlib Pillow psutil psycogreen psycopg2 pydot pyparsing PyPDF2 pyserial python-dateutil python-openid pytz pyusb PyYAML qrcode reportlab requests six suds-jurko vatnumber vobject Werkzeug XlsxWriter xlwt xlrd polib

STEP 5 : Dependencies of Odoo's web service 

sudo apt-get install -y npm
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node
sudo npm install -g less less-plugin-clean-css
sudo apt-get install -y node-less
sudo python3 -m pip install libsass

STEP 6 : GITHUB is a good place to get Odoo 15's community version. 

GIT can be installed using the command below.
If it's already there, you can disregard this information. 

sudo apt-get install -y git

After that, log in as odoo user. 

sudo su - odoo -s /bin/bash

The following commands will clone Odoo branch 15.0 from Github: 

git clone --depth 1 --branch 15.0 --single-branch

Exit the Odoo user at this point.

STEP 7 : Make an odoo configuration file. 

sudo vim /etc/odoo-server.conf

In the configuration file, paste the following text. 

; This is the password that allows database operations:
; admin_passwd = admin
db_host = False
db_port = False
db_user = odoo
db_password = False
logfile = /var/log/odoo/odoo-server.log
addons_path = /opt/odoo/odoo/addons,/opt/odoo/odoo/odoo/addons

Change the permissions and ownership of the configuration file, as shown in the following example. 

sudo chown odoo: /etc/odoo-server.conf 
sudo chmod 640 /etc/odoo-server.conf

STEP 8 : Create odoo log file

sudo mkdir /var/log/odoo 
sudo chown odoo:root /var/log/odoo

STEP 9 :The script can be pasted into this file by copying it. 

sudo vim /etc/init.d/odoo-server

Finally, transfer ownership and permissions. 

sudo chmod 755 /etc/init.d/odoo-server 
sudo chown root: /etc/init.d/odoo-server

STEP 10 : Run a test on the server as a service. 

To get the odoo server up and running again 

sudo /etc/init.d/odoo-server start

Stop the Odoo server 

sudo /etc/init.d/odoo-server stop

Analyze the odoo logs 

 tailf /var/log/odoo/odoo-server.log

Now run the following command to make this service start automatically when your computer turns on. 

update-rc.d odoo-server defaults

STEP 11 : Run odoo locally

sudo su - odoo -s /bin/bash 
python3 /opt/odoo/odoo-bin

After that, open a web browser and navigate to odoo15. 




wkhtmltopdf must be installed in order to print PDF reports. 

sudo wget 
sudo apt install ./wkhtmltox_0.12.1.3-1~bionic_amd64.deb 
sudo cp /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltoimage /usr/bin/wkhtmltoimage 
sudo cp /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf

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