How To Migrate WordPress Manually?

Are you happy with your current hosting provider ?

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Here are the steps to Migrate WordPress manually.

  1. Find the Best Host that you think its better for your work.

It’s sure that there is a reason that you are leaving your current host. Choose your new host wisely and better learn deeply the new host before choosing it. There are different kinds of hosting that are available in the market, they are,

a) Shared Hosting : This is the most budget friendly option as many websites are using the resources of one server house.

b) Virtual Private Server (VPS) : Within a shared server VPS involves virtual partitions, so there will be dedicated resources available to it.

c) Dedicated : This particular plan enables a physical server that houses and supports only your Website.

d) Managed : In this particular plan, any type of hosting plan can be managed.

2) Your Site’s files should have a backup.

The first thing you need to do before starting the migration process is to make a copy of all your Website’s files. You will need to use an FTP tool for this.

Then you should connect to your site’s server via FTP.

The speed of downloading all media files is based upon the size of your existing media files.

3) Create new data base for the host server.

You are all set to move into the next step once your FTP file transfer is completed. Now you need to backup its database., where all the pieces of information about content of your site.

For this, you have to access your database. Generally, most of the hosts enable you to do this through your Control Panel.

4) Export the database of your WordPress site.

Once you get in, you can choose your site’s database from the list on the left, then navigate to the Export tab by using the top menu. Select the option called Quick under Expert method, and click “Go”.

It will lead you to download a copy of your site’s database in the format of .Sql.

5) Now you can create a fresh SQL database and import the contents of your old one.

The next step is to create a new database on the other web host you are migrating to. Then you have to import the file from your old database, which overwrites the contents of the new one.

Now, your old database is successfully placed in your new web host. But, you still need to upload the rest of your site’s files again.

6) Now you have to upload your site’s files to your new web host.

You will have to login to your new server through FTP, then go to its root folder.

Right click the folder and select the upload options.

Find and open the folder you downloaded earlier and select all the files and directories in the folder.

7) Edit and WP-Config.Php file of your site.

Once you Migrate all your files on the new server, you will need to navigate your WordPress root folder once again. If you try to visit your site now, it will not work as you need to update WordPress.WP-Config.phpfile. It point out your new database.

8)Configure and Change your DNS.

The final step is to make sure your Domain Name Server (DNS) linked up to the right host.

After you successfully complete this step, you are all set to experience the new Host.