What Is The Difference Between LAMP And LEMP Servers

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LAMP stands for Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL, MariaDB database, and PHP/ Perl/ Python programming language. Many of the most well-known online apps use the LAMP software stack paradigm.

The components of LAMP are available in the repositories of the most widely used Linux distributions.

LEMP, on the other hand, is an abbreviation that stands for Linux Operating System and Nginx (pronounced Engine-X) server.

The data is saved in a MySQL database and processed using the PHP programming language.

Difference Between LAMP and LEMP Stacks

Apache is the webserver.Nginx is the webserver.
The process-driven approach is followed by Nginx.The Event-driven approach is followed by Nginx.
Heavy load makes the system slow down.Higher-load of requests handled better.
A new thread for every request will be created by Apache.Multiple requests will be handled within one thread.
The additional configuration will not be allowed by Nginx.Via a.htaccess file, Apache allows additional configuration.
Dynamic websites can be performed better with the support of LAMP. With the help of LEMP, static websites can function better.
There are a lot of additional modules as more features, application modules, and functionalities than Nginx.It is lightweight and faster.
Scalability is lesser than Nginx.Better scalability and it is user-friendly as well.

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