Up-to-date Information on WordPress Hosting

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Fast growth necessitates rapid adoption of the most recent technological advances.
LiteSpeed, caching, security, pre-installed plug-ins, and auto migrations are just a few of the advanced solutions we use to keep our servers running at peak performance for our customers.

It’s easy for novices and experts alike to build a website since Hostnats provides a complete package for WordPress hosting.
Check out the latest WordPress hosting updates to improve customer satisfaction:

WordPress Migrations Automated

In order to migrate a WordPress site, users must provide the URL of their WordPress admin panel, their username and password, and their previous hosting account’s login information.
Just one click is all it takes for Hostnats to migrate the WordPress site.

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin

Now that our LiteSpeed efforts have been bolstered, we’re proud to show off the results that benefit our customers!
LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server, which is supported by Hostnat’s servers, speeds up WordPress websites by four times.
A WordPress caching plug-in like LiteSpeed Cache makes this possible, allowing you to maximise performance and minimise resource consumption on your site.

Upgrade Options

Upgrade Recommendation

Clients may not check their hosting service’s resource analytics on a regular basis, so they may not be aware of when their websites become popular and begin consuming more server resources. We appreciate this.
We’ve implemented the Upgrade Recommendation feature because of this.

CPanel’s Order Usage section notifies you when the plan’s resource limits have been exceeded and display the duration of the outage.
A limit has been reached, and as a result, we are recommending that customers upgrade to the next plan up the ladder.
A short-term limit or threshold has been reached, so we do not recommend upgrading.

If you want to speed up your site, you should install the LiteSpeed Cache plugin first, which reduces load and improves response time.
After the limit has been reached, we will also send daily email notifications to the email addresses on file (no more than once a month).

Upgrades are available in two ways:

Without paying any extra charges, you can extend your subscription by reducing the renewal date.

To extend the expiration date, pay and upgrade as usual.

New File Manager

There is a new File Manager that gives you direct access to your website’s files. You can use it directly on the server to make changes like deleting or extracting files or renaming folders and files.
Also, it calculates directory sizes and identifies which ones are taking up the most space.

According to user feedback and requests, recent File Manager updates have boosted file upload capacity and added a Trash folder, inodes, and file/folder sizes indications.
The Files/Folders Download feature has also been improved, allowing users to select the download types they want to use.

Self-transfer (Data Center Change)

With data centers in every region of the world, our customers frequently ask our Customer Success agents to relocate their data centers.
This service has been phased out in favor of a new one called Self-transfer, which allows customers to send money whenever it’s convenient for them.
Automated and completely free of charge.

Using Access Logs (see the detailed description below), you can determine where most of your visitors are coming from and then transfer your hosting plan to the nearest data center location.

We’re working on a system that will automatically analyse website traffic and suggest moving to the closest data center to ensure the fastest response time possible.

Website Access Logs 

All of the important information about your website’s visitors can be found in the Access Logs. This includes the countries where your visitors come from, the devices they use, and much more.
A new feature gives users a more detailed look at the types and numbers of requests your websites receive, as well as data broken down by the time of day, day of the week, and week of the year.

A DDoS attack on a website can be detected and mitigated with this tool, which can also be used to detect unwanted traffic and help mitigate security issues.

Hosting Activity Logs / Changes History

If you’d like to keep track of everything you do with your account, an activity log is a handy tool.