What is Webmin?

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Webmin is a great open-source software solution to do most of the UNIX takes graphically.

It is written in Perl Programming language and developed by Jamine Cameron.

Webmin is a web-based system administration tool for UNIX and UNIX-like systems, which allows us to configure, manage and monitor servers from the console or remotely.

Webmin allows a system administrator to configure user accounts, disk management, service management-click email, FTP, NFS Services database, and process management.

Versions of Webmin are under a BSD-like license. It’s the latest version 1.981.

There are other tools based on Webmin:- Usermin, Virtualmin, and Cloudmin.

Usermin is an interface for Webmail clients and its latest version is 1.830.

Virtualmin is all about managing Webhosting and cloud computing. It offers tools to manage websites mailboxes, databases, Web Applications, etc.

The latest version of Virtualmin is 6.17.

Cloudmin is a fork of Webmin that is used to handle virtualization systems such as Xen, KVM, and others. The most recent version is 9.4.

Pre-requisites to install Webmin

  • Review real-time resources like (CPU,RAM) process etcWebserver, because Webmin is a Web Based tool
  • Webmin is a third party tool, which could be installed from necessary repository
  • Fully qualified domain name with a DNS A record pointing to the IP of Webmin server
  • Supported OS:- Windows, Unix, Linux
  • Minimum 3 to 4 CPU’s and 4GB RAM is advocated

Pros of Webmin

  • Review real-time resources like (CPU,RAM) process etc
  • It’s a free software tool
  • Application can be adjusted as per our requirement
  • Flexible

Cons of Webmin

  • The biggest drawback to Webmin is it’s lack of scalability

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