10 Tips for Better Product Pages

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A website where clients may buy things is no longer a technical problem for almost everyone.
If you currently have a physical store, moving online to reach a larger market is a logical move.
Having an internet presence allows you to access new markets.

Making your things available online can sometimes mean bringing your brand global.
This may be incredibly exciting since it has the ability to rapidly expand your global business and brand.

To create a business that attracts users and sells, you need to understand a few product page fundamentals.

This post will discuss how to improve your website’s product display, product descriptions, and customer reviews.
A few words about site testing, social networking, and SEO.

This will help you attract more clients and visitors to your site.
More traffic usually implies more sales, so following our advice could greatly benefit your company!

1. Make Product URLs Readable

This is a small fix, but it makes a big difference to website visitors.
You shouldn’t let your product pages generate URLs like this:


Instead, strive for URLs like this:


Short, readable URLs are easier to share and are better for SEO.
They also make organising your site easier because you can see where each link leads.

User navigation will be easier if your product URLs are more meaningful.
The ability to adjust the URL in the browser to access the chosen product page would be handy if you had two product models with slightly different model numbers.
It saves them from having to go back to the main product page to find it.

Choose one of the many WordPress and Joomla! plugins that will allow you to shorten your URLs in a few simple clicks.

2. Include Accurate Product Information

One of the most common mistakes when building an online store is using vague product descriptions.
Even worse is providing descriptions that are simply incorrect.

It pays to go through and develop unique descriptions for each of your products.
Having unique descriptions helps your site stand out from the crowd and shows you care about your online store.
This may take a bit more time, but the end result will be a professionally designed product page.

Make sure your product names are exact.
If you have a website that sells many models or products in the same general category, you must appropriately label each product so buyers can distinguish between them.

Finally, remember that products evolve.
Verify if you’re still selling the same goods as advertised on your website.
A buyer will be less likely to buy a product that doesn’t match the description.
Customers hate it when that happens, so keep product descriptions up to date.

3. Display the Price

It’s hard to do this wrong, but it does.
To avoid losing potential buyers, you must display current pricing information for your products.

Most consumers will return to your site several times before making a purchase, thus inaccurate or missing pricing prevents comparison shopping.

Expect your customers to perform some price comparison shopping.
If you compete directly with other online businesses, your pricing information must be easily accessible and always accurate.

Also, the price you show must be the price the buyer sees when checking out.
Incorrect pricing structures kill a product-based website faster, so make sure all data is inputted correctly and your customers receive accurate pricing information when they complete orders.

Your pricing must also be profitable for your organization.
You will lose money if you price your products below the recommended selling price!

If you underprice and sell, you can cancel the order and notify the client.
The prospects of satisfying that consumer are nil.

Bad pricing has caused issues for some of the largest online retailers who sell millions of things daily, so don’t be embarrassed if it happens to you.
Don’t forget to double-check pricing before publishing a product on your website.

Before the promotional time begins, check to see that any promotional coupons or special offers are processed correctly.
Customers who apply for discounts but do not receive them will not complete the deal and you may lose them forever.

4. Take Better Photos

In order to produce beautiful product photos, many new e-commerce site owners make the costly, high-tech camera blunder.
This is wonderful for printed materials or outdoor displays, but it’s a waste of money if your product images are only used on your website.

An expensive DSLR camera takes big photos that take up a lot of space on your site.
Using a quality digital camera produces files that are too huge to upload to your website, and most users will not enjoy the extra time it takes to load the pages.
Large, high-resolution images aren’t appropriate for your online store.

Many creative internet product photographers have chosen to use their smartphone’s camera as a compromise.
Phone cameras are perfect for shooting product shots because of their detail and tiny file sizes.

You’ll still need to resize the photographs for your product page, but there are other reasons to change them.
It sharpens photos and applies filters and lighting effects.
Make your product photos professional and consistent.

5. Promote User Reviews

Happy customers are one of the finest ways to grow your business, so let them tell you how much they appreciate your items.
It develops trust and gives prospective consumers an idea of product quality and customer service.

Allowing users to write comments also helps you swiftly gather unfavorable feedback.
This should be part of your quality assurance process if you make the products.

Allowing users to write comments and reviews on your site may be the greatest method to learn about product faults.

Positive reviews should be published, and negative ones should be responded to swiftly.
Customer feedback can help you establish a stronger online store and brand.

6. Be Specific, Provide Details

If you can provide extensive specifications or many images of your products from useful perspectives, you should do so to attract visitors to your site.
Consider what you would want to know about each product if you were buying it only based on your website’s content and photographs.

If you’re a large brand reseller, you could link to videos and product specs.
Given that some individuals value product context, seeing a video presentation or a thorough diagram can be quite helpful.

Weight and dimensions are wonderful ways to add detail to your product page.
Making that information public may enhance sales because it helps users confirm their purchases and clarifies delivery needs.
The more details you can give your customers, the better.

7. Web Compatibility

We hear it a lot these days, but it bears repeating: mobile-friendly site design is essential.
In reality, many people choose to access the internet via smartphones or tablets.
That means any online shopping site you create must be fully mobile-friendly.

Login, product browsing, and checkout must be faultless across all platforms.
They must work well on all popular browsers, regardless of the user’s mobile operating system (iOS or Android).

We’re not saying you should only target mobile people.
Your site must also work on desktops and laptops.
That includes testing your online store’s compatibility with all popular browsers on each platform.

If you want to reach the largest possible audience, you must guarantee that your online store looks attractive and functions effectively.

8. Optimize Your Social Media Presence

Great advertisement on social media.
The finest thing is that it can be used as a free marketing platform.
Encourage your users to contact you via social media.
If you make your social media presence interesting, your customers will use it to contact you.

Use social media to promote deals and draw attention to products.
All of these messages can be done creatively and easily for your clients to complete.

If customers use social media to ask questions or remark on your items, you can answer promptly, establishing a relationship that goes beyond a single transaction.

9. Remember SEO

SEO is vital for your website’s exposure and rating in search results.
It helps optimize product listings and improve user searchability.

Never misspell keywords, especially in product descriptions.
There are many SEO rules to know but bear in mind the basics like keyword density, header usage, and content structure.

If you aren’t using these simple SEO best practices, you’re losing a lot of visitors.

Many people start their online purchasing journey with a Google search.
Everyone has time and patience for the first page of results.
Some won’t even scroll down!

If your store doesn’t appear prominently in users’ search results, they won’t realize it exists, let alone buy from it.
Your site must be optimized for search engine results.
Keep an eye on your SEO.

10. Make Shopping Easy

One of the most vital tasks of your website is the checkout phase.
If your customers have reached that stage in the buying process, nothing should deter them.

Ensure that all payment gateways are working properly, as well as any promos and discounts.

Customers like the convenience of a shopping cart, so make sure your online store has all the essential plugins to make it work effectively.
Your product pages should direct customers to the checkout page.
The checkout symbol should be visible throughout your site.

Increase Sales with Better Product Pages

As we’ve seen, product pages are much more than meets the eye.
Having high-quality images that load quickly is vital, but so is paying attention to product details.

Check your statistics, heat maps, and anything else that can tell you how users engage with your website.
Also, keep an eye on market leaders like Amazon’s websites.

Do you need to update your product pages?
Or have you done something to increase conversions?

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